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Red Arrows return to North Wales at end of the month

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Jun 19th, 2018.

According to those ‘in the know’ the Royal Air Force aerobatic team will be based at Hawarden airport ahead of their scheduled display in Llandudno on Saturday 30th for Armed Forces Day.

This will be the Red Arrows first visit of the summer to Hawarden.

Although flight plans and times are not expected to be filed next week (we will update as and when they are published), it is expected that crews and their planes will be stationed overnight on the Saturday.

This will mean a chance to see the Reds arrive, then a departure to Llandudno on the Saturday with a return to the local airport. This of course means a departure home, possible either on the Saturday or Sunday.

As always the Red Arrows formation fly when they are transiting, and the departures and arrivals are done in style as well.

The stop overs are so the team take ‘time out’ while their technicians known as ‘circus’ engineers check over the ten BAE systems Hawk T1 jets.

Timings on the weekend will be weather dependent as always, and directions of take offs and landings can depend on wind directions.

The Red’s are also pencilled in for the Southporth Air Show on the 6th of July , and the Rhyl Air Show on the 26th of August which could see a similar stop over locally.

You can view our slow-mo video of the Red Arrows departing from Hawarden Airport, below:

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