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Residents are being asked to think carefully about how they dispose of extra waste and recycling that will be produced over the festive season.

A large amount of wrapping paper is thrown away at this time of year across the UK. It is estimated that if laid end to end, it would stretch all the way to the moon.

Wrexham Council is reminding that householders can put wrapping paper into their blue sacks with any newspapers, magazines, junk mail, greetings cards and cardboard packaging to be collected weekly. Larger cardboard boxes, that don’t fit into the blue sack can be taken to the one of Wrexham’s three Household Waste Recycling Centres or Neighbourhood Recycling Centres.

In addition, a staggering 13,350 tonnes of glass is also thrown out – from champagne and sherry bottles to mincemeat and cranberry sauce jars. Recycling all of them could save 4,200 tonnes of CO2 equivalent being produced, which is equivalent to taking around 1300 cars off the road for one year.

Cllr Bob Dutton OBE, Lead Member for Environment said: “Please remember to put all your glass bottles and jars along with your plastic bottles, cans, tins, aerosol cans and clean foil into your green ‘Recycle with Michael’ box for collection. If you require a replacement box or feel that you genuinely need another box then call Pride in Your Streets on 01978 298989 or email to make sure you are prepared for the party season.”