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Picture Special: Racecourse Ground Takes Shape For Stereophonics Gig

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jun 30th, 2016.

This morning we were given a short tour of the Racecourse ahead of Saturday’s gig as it gets converted from a football ground to an event venue for 20,000 people!

65% of people attending the gig will be ‘in walking distance’, but those who are not are urged to use public transport – although there will be some parking on campus, plus a special park and ride system from Ruthin Road. Once on site the place to head to is the Wristband Exchange…


The wristband exchange questions have been well documented (FAQ here if you have not read it already!) and those attending will need to head to the Glyndwr University Sports Centre. Those with seating in the stands will enter to the front of the centre, with those with pitch tickets will be directed to enter via the rear of the building. We are told there will be easy to spot signs and marshalls to ensure everyone gets where they need to be.

Inside the sports hall there will be numerous staff with ticket scanners to wristband you up, plus a ticket problem helpdesk. Queues have been raised as a possible problem, but we are told the system is expected to have ‘a quick flow rate’. Once through and wristbanded up you are then able to head out of the sports hall, and then to the right stadium entrance for you.

Those looking to be on the pitch closest to the stage we are told the entrance by the Turf is the place to be early on.


Some physical work has taken place to enable better access to the stadium including metal fence removal. This will look much better when the work is complete and will be a security / bag check area as well as stadium access.


There will be four entrances to the stadium itself, which can be used by both those with seating and pitch wristbands. Tickets cannot be used to enter, so you need to swap it for a wristband first. The wristbands will be colourcoded, and the maps issued will give you guidance to which bars / areas you are able to access. Below shows the football club car park, which now has a huge bar area setup to the left.


Overall around 800 people have been working on putting on the gig, including the stage construction staff, and those crewing the bars and gig itself on Saturday. Inside the stadium another huge bar is being constructed:


There have been special covers put in place to ‘stop the compacting of the pitch’ due to the drainage systems beneath.


Some football elements of the ground have been removed, however some are being maintained and will be secured and fenced off. This also shows the three parts of the standing area, with grass at the west end of the stadium, with then a plastic sheeting for around a third of the pitch, and then the sheeting and hard plastic solid covering for the reminder to the stage.



For those who want to view a much larger picture of the above shot – click here!

We also took a picture from on the Kop looking out towards the pitch in a similar manner:


Again for those who want a much higher quality and bigger picture of the above wide shot, click here!

We were not allowed to take front-on pictures of the stage itself as promotors wish to preserve the impact and surprise, although many of you will have seen the huge construction that is being built as it is very visible for those using Mold Road.


Full height cherry pickers and technicians roped on to the top beams were doing the final frame fixes, with further hardware arriving on HGV’s throughout the morning.



The below picture gives those who know the ground a better understanding to where the stage has been sited.


The Kop itself is untouched, with some of the advertising board pillars being cut off at the front to allow the staging and back access points to be created.


Below is a stadium plan that is fixed on the carpark at the University to give people an idea of what to expect…

As well as having a look at the gig conversion, it was also a great excuse to have a look at the historic Kop itself…


Our full information guide for the Stereophonics in Wrexham can be found here including travel info, parking, park and ride, food info, what not to bring etc – and ticketing FAQ! 

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