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Protest Held Over ‘Unkept Promises’ On Wrexham Village Flats

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Aug 21st, 2016.

A peaceful protest was held before Wrexham’s home game this weekend, with the destination of profits from any sale of the Wrexham Village student flats the topic being questioned.

Regular Wrexham.com readers will be familiar with the well documented issues relating to Wrexham Village over the years, with one of our most recent articles explaining the background to an eventual non-answer from Wrexham Council to four straightforward questions.

The block of flats has gone on sale for £12,920,000 with the sales documents noting an annual revenue of circa £1.3 million. The overall vision for ‘Wrexham Village’ was presented to the people of Wrexham as being several student blocks and a brand new stand for Wrexham Football Club, who were also due to be benefiting financially from any development.

Fans were were subsequently told the club will ‘not see a penny more’ and had all it will have ‘upfront’.

Protesting fans believe that there is a moral obligation to see some of that money returned to the football club, creating a hashtag of ‘#WheresOurShare?’ referring to ‘unkept promises’.

As well as Wrexham Village Directors Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts being highlighted by protesters, Wrexham Council was also in the firing line with many feeling ‘let down’ by their local authority.


One person told us: “The protest was peaceful. One security guard got a bit hot under the collar though. It was a good exercise in educating people and bringing the subject up to current affairs.”

One of the organisers, Jimmy, said: “Between 40-50 fans demonstrated outside the Wrexham Village complex and made sure visiting students on the university open day knew about the history of the block.

“We ran out of leaflets and the action was well received by fans. What we wouldn’t give for a few million to get out of this league.”

Fans attached notices to the signage and windows of the flats, held placards aloft and circulated A4 information sheets explaining why they felt let down over the historic deals. Showing that fans are not luddites, a live stream was even broadcast from the protest – viewable here.


As we noted last year “Due to the history of the site and its importance to the town and associated institutions it is likely any new buyers intentions and associated planning decisions will be well scrutinised.”


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