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Proposals To Convert Miners Centre To Student Accommodation

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jan 31st, 2014.

Proposals have again been submitted to convert the Miners Rescue Centre on Maesgwyn Road into student accommodation.

The building, which is Grade II listed was originally used as a training centre for miners, and in previous years has been used as office space. However the building currently remains vacant.

The centre was listed by CADW (Welsh Government’s historic environment service) in 2010 for its historic interest and has been described by locals as a ‘rare example within Wales’.

It is proposed that the building is converted into accommodation that would occupy the ground floor of the building’s workshop, along with the ground floor, training gallery and the first floor of ‘the Superintendents House.

In total it is stated in an accompanying Design and Access Statement that the scheme will consist of several bedrooms, a dining facility, a number of bathrooms and kitchens. A communal room would also be provided for the students.

Space would also be provided for a ‘rent a studio pod’ that would host exhibitions and provide artists with space to use. The application also states that an annual exhibition would take place to show contemporary art works that link with the mining history and heritage of Wrexham.

In March of last year, proposals to convert the building into student accommodation were rejected by Councillors.

The proposals that were initially submitted in October of 2012 applied for permission to convert the centre into accommodation for 19 students. This particular location was chosen due to its ‘sustainable location’ that provides access to the train station, University and the town centre.

One of the main issues that was raised in last year’s meeting was the potential parking issues on Maesgwyn Road that may arise as a result of the proposed student accommodation.

Both the previous and current applications state that the accommodation would provide four parking spaces for the property. However in the meeting last year, this was seen not to be enough.

Speaking in the meeting Chairman of North Wales Miners Association Trust, Alan Jones said: “Some of the residents of Maesgwyn Road have concerns that this 19 bedroom development will compound the problems they face when it comes to street parking. Assuming the four spaces are accepted as being sufficient then it is important that they are permanently made available for use.”

With regards to public consultation to the current proposals, the application states that: “The application has been in the local paper previous to the application, with members of the public and mining committee passing their thoughts.”

Overall the current application states that the former Miners Rescue Centre will greatly benefit the appearance of the fascia of Mesgwyn Road. With both the building and interior design providing a ‘warm and welcoming environment, which will also enhance the locality both visually and mentally, the, the experience of users, visitors and the general public alike’.

The application is due to go before the Planning Committee at a later date.

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