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Proposals For New Access Point Between King Street & Grosvenor Road

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Mar 28th, 2014.

A new access point that would cut through Grosvenor Road to King Street could be put into place if a planning application is approved.

The proposed new opening would provide a shorter route between the bus station on King Street and the proposed retirement homes on Grosvenor Road.

It is hoped that this would provide a ‘short cut through to King Street and the main shopping areas, so reducing walking to the shops’ and ‘quick access to public transport’.

The proposed new access comes as part of a wider application to refurbish and extend the commercial properties on 43 and 43A of King Street.

Within the application a number of alterations are proposed for the properties, including a first floor extension to the rear of the building. Along with this the basement would be opened up to provide additional retail space. The application also proposes that alterations are made to the building’s interior, with the installation of a new lobby and lift.

There is no indication in the application as to what would fill the retail / office space, however it does state that there would be 14 full time employees and 2 part time employees.

Last year Wrexham.com reported on the £1.5million ‘regeneration’ of King Street, which saw changes to the streets pavements, benches, roads and lighting.

King Street

King Street 7


There were comments that the paving slabs had been laid unevenly.

There were comments that the paving slabs had been laid unevenly.

Over the past few months there has been some confusion with regards to the funding for King Street and where the money came from. Despite popular belief the development was funded by the Council, the regeneration came as a result of a successful application to the Welsh European Funding Office, who granted the money.

The redevelopments have caused opinion to be divided between Wrexhamites with some uncertain as to whether the ‘regeneration’ was value for money. Others argue that it is aesthetically more pleasing than it was previously.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the redesign of King Street, we have a picture special for you to enjoy here.

The above application is the second on King Street to be forward to the Council in the past few months (with the first being proposals to convert T.E Roberts to office space for Unite). Both applications are due to go before a Planning Committee at a later date.

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