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Praise for Coleg Cambria Students’ Award-Winning Video

Coleg Cambria students came first in the Road Safety Wales Anti-Drink Drive Multimedia Competition in the North Wales Police area for their video on the potential dangers and life-changing impact of drink driving.

Students were tasked with putting together a brief video highlighting the risks of getting behind the wheel after drinking, as part of a regional contest organised by North Wales Police.

A team from the Extended Diploma Creative Media Production course at – made up of students Joe Croft, Iwan Jones, Pete Rogers and Daniel Matthews – produced a one-minute video entitled Dave, depicting a young man who is run down by a drunk driver.

Laura Kearsley, Media Lecturer, said: “I am thrilled they have won and am proud of their achievement, as it showcases their creative talent and is a testament to their passion for their subject.”

Cllr David A Bithell, Wrexham Council’s Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, said: “With Christmas on the way, it is incredibly important that all road users remember that even a small amount of alcohol can impair their driving skills.

“Drink driving kills. It can end or ruin lives all too quickly, and it is easy to avoid.

“Simply put, if there’s even a slight chance you might end up behind the wheel, the best option is to avoid drinking altogether.

“And keep in mind that drinking can impair your driving the following morning.

“It’s good to see that students at the Yale Campus of Coleg Cambria have understood the aim of this campaign, and put together a piece of work which spells out the possible consequences of drink driving clearly and simply.”

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