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Power Cuts Hit Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jan 31st, 2013.

This afternoon power cuts affected parts of Wrexham, causing offices to shut and some banks to curtail services.

Street lighting appears to be affected with some traffic lights also ceasing to work. The B&Q roundabout with access to the A483 was affected, and one Wrexham.com reader told us Chester Road lights were off causing a ‘free for all’. At one point we could not find a traffic light working from Holt Road all the way through town out on Mold Road.

The problem was first seen in the early afternoon on Grosvenor Road , with lights flickering throughout the town centre.

Residents in Acton and other areas mentioned broadband and internet services failed around the same time, other computer related issues surfaced with one Yale student saying she lost all her work as her PC turned off. Wrexham Job Centre also closed early.

Supermarkets were also affected with one person telling us Tesco in Wrexham had issues, and Paula Gwilliam saying she walked into Sainsburys as the power went off, however tills came back up but not all of them, so queues resulted.

Power issues are continuing into the evening with lights flickering around town.

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