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Posthouse Roundabout Roadworks End – What’s The Verdict?

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jun 29th, 2015.

Motorists can rejoice as the A483 / A55 have reopened, with the infamous pinchpoint roadworks finishing earlier this morning.  

Some thought the day may never arrive, however shortly after 5am this morning the pinchpoint scheme on the A483/A55 was largely completed and the new layout was opened. Meaning for the first time in several months, the traffic was not backed up all the way to the Rossett Junction.

The £6 million project which has been ongoing since October 2014 and is part of a national ‘pinchpoint scheme’, which has seen the removal of the former Pulford Roundabout / introduction of two new sets of traffic lights in replacement, the addition of fourth lane to ease congestion on the A55, the strengthening of bridges and the introduction of a new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists.


The ongoing roadworks have caused a number of issues to motorists who regularly commute down the A483/A55, with the number of closures resulting in long delays on the bypass and around the surrounding areas.

For many this morning the commute to and from Chester appears to have been the best it has been in months, with Fran getting in touch with Wrexham.com this morning to say she now ‘officially believes in miracles’.


At the time of writing the road is still clear and fully open, however there are still a handful of workers on the bypass and it looks as though some road markings are still needed in the area. A few overnight lane closures are expected to finish off some aspects of the road – however it is unlikely this will cause many issues to motorists.


So far there have been a lot of positive comments about the reopening of the Posthouse Roundabout, with motorists managing to pass through the area with no delays or problems.

Others however are reserving their judgement for a little longer…

The past weekend saw some of the worst delays since the roadworks began, with North Wales Police closing off the road and redirecting people away from the area. Those who were unfortunate enough to get stuck in traffic for a few hours were seen sunbathing – a couple even had a picnic!

So far the completed roadworks and reopening of the A483 / A55 appear to have gone down well with motorists, however given the volume of traffic on the weekend it is possible some people are still avoiding the route; so many will reserve judgement until rush hour later today / travel times throughout the rest of the week.

It is early days with the new road layout, however for those who travelled on the A483 this morning – it does seem so far so good!

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