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Police warning over fake £50 and £20 notes being circulated in Wrexham

North Wales Police has issued a warning to businesses and shoppers the Wrexham area following reports of a currency offences.

Fake bank of Ireland £50 and £20 have been used for payment in shops and pubs locally, with similar incidents in Flintshire.

Police are asking public to be vigilant and “if in doubt don’t accept. Report suspicious activity.”

High quality fake notes are made by organised criminal gangs, and the profits from them can be used to fund further crime in your community.

Use of fake money in the UK has seen retailers, businesses, schools, charities, the elderly and vulnerable conned out of their hard earned cash says Crimestoppers.

The charity highlights a recent example which saw an 87-year-old man conned by an individual into handing over genuine money in exchange for a fake £50 note.

The victim was asked to break the note for change so the fraudster could get a taxi, only to find out later when he tried to spend it that the note was fake.

Christmas is a time when more cash changes hands, especially £20 and £50 notes, and fraudsters take advantage of the festive season by targeting busy shops and those with temporary staff.

Counterfeit notes in circulation in Wrexham include £50 and £20 note from Bushmills 2013 Series.

Design Features of a current £50 note.


  • Colour – Purple
  • Serial Numbers – font gradually increases in size
  • Hologram above vertical serial number and in opposite corner
  • Seated lady Hibernia
  • Six county shields
  • Serial numbers – black horizontal and red vertical
  • Date – 1st January 2013
  • Signature – S Matchett, Chief Financial Officer UK


  • Vignette of the distillery

If you have been handed counterfeit currency you should report it to North Wales Police via the live chat facility: https://www.north-wales.police.uk/contact/live-chat-support 

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