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Police Warning After ‘Reckless Yobs’ Aqueduct Swim

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jul 23rd, 2014.

North Wales Police have issued a warning about swimming in lakes, rivers and canals during the current spell of hot weather.

We published the news just over an hour after an incident on Monday where two men were rescued from a canal after ‘going for a swim’.

Police have today confirmed that the pair had been drinking.

Comments that evening on our Facebook page included one from Lynne Taylor saying: “They should be given the bill for all the emergency services called out for their stupidity.”

Today North Wales Police are reminding people that any anti-social behaviour which endangers life and wastes emergency resources will not be tolerated.

Chief Inspector Neil Maxwell said; “We want people to have a safe summer. This reckless, yobbish behaviour at a World Heritage site is totally unacceptable.

“The men, who had been drinking, foolishly put their own lives at risk.”

“The incident caused immense frustration for people using the Aqueduct, as the canal had to be closed, and emergency services, which could have been needed elsewhere, were diverted to deal with the antics of these two individuals.”

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