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Police spend two hours in Brymbo dealing with large group of bored youths – some as young as 12

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Oct 14th, 2017.

Late on Saturday evening the Wrexham Rural section of North Wales Police gave details of how they spent two hours dealing with a group of youths in Brymbo, noting it had tied up police resources.

Police said: “We have spent 2 hours tonight at Brymbo Cricket Club following reports of anti social behaviour from a large group of youths up on the pavilion.

“Bottles have been smashed. Alcohol was smelt but none found as they ditched it, when they spotted us, some in the group are as young as 12.”

“They refused to move from the area meaning we had to stay until they did eventually leave.”

“That’s a lot of police resources used for one incident. The youngsters tell us there is nothing to do in the area. If that is how you feel then you need to feed it back to your local Councillor.”

Later after this article was posted on @wrexham twitter, local Councillor Paul Rogers tweeted:

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