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Police Issue Warning Over Scam Bank Letter

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012.

North Wales Police are warning people to be wary of fraudulent letters which are being sent to individuals across the region.

A number of people have forwarded letters to the police (as pictured above) that they have received from a person purporting to be a banker for the Shenzhen Development Bank in China stating that a man called Albert with the same surname as the recipient had made investments amounting to millions of pounds.

The fictional Albert has since died and there are no next of kin however, the letter states that as the recipient has the same surname they may be made the beneficiary of the funds.

The recipient is then asked to contact the author of the letter by fax, telephone or email using the details endorsed on the letter.

This is a scam and members of the public are being advised not to make contact with the authors of the letter.

Detective Sergeant Cooke of the North Wales Police Financial Investigation Unit said “If you have already received one of these letters and made contact it is important that you do not exchange any bank details with any persons. If you have already exchanged details contact your bank to stop any funds being taken from your account and notify the police at the earliest opportunity.”

The Financial Investigation Unit also offered the following advice “Do not respond to such letters, never give your bank details when asked and if you do fall foul to a scam and lose money inform your bank immediately that your account has been compromised and call North Wales Police on 101 for any advice.”

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