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Earlier this week we had reports of police activity on Wrexham Industrial Estate, with detail given this afternoon on the operation conducted.

At the time we enquired but were told that there was no recorded incidents ongoing. We were informed seperately that Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) cars had been seen in the area as well.

This afternoon North Wales Police said a two day police operation centred on Wrexham Industrial Estate took place targeting metal theft in Wrexham area. The operation resulted in arrests and fines for a variety of offences.

The operation was aimed at enforcing the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act, disrupting criminality and removing potentially dangerous and un-roadworthy vehicles.

Police say as a result of the clampdown:

  • ·         96 vehicles were stopped
  • ·         3 people were arrested for the theft of lead, power cabling and other metals
  • ·         4 seizures of metal for failure to maintain records
  • ·         2 drivers had no MOT
  • ·         1 driver no insurance
  • ·         2  drugs offences
  • ·         1 vehicle was overweight
  • ·         1 on the spot £550 fine for a red diesel offence
  • ·         1 on the spot  £550 fine for incorrect fuel mixture
  • ·         4 immediate prohibitions of vehicles
  • ·         4 delayed prohibitions of vehicles
  • ·         14 offences of claiming benefits whilst working


Chief Inspector Andy Williams said; “We will be carrying out regular operations across North Wales to clampdown on metal theft, the failure to keep proper records when transporting and dealing in metal and on drivers who break the law.”