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Police Called To Suspect Package At Eagles Meadow

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2013.

Lunchtime today a ‘suspect package’ was found at Eagles Meadow – which turned out to be a suitcase padlocked to stairs in the shopping centre.

One shopper told us “We saw lots of pointing and confusion from security staff but people did not seem that concerned”.

Another member of the public who was in Nando’s in Eagles Meadow at the time, Nick Barwell, wrote on his blog just sitting down for lunch when the Duty Manager comes over to us and says there has been a security incident … as yet we are not making a full evacuation but if we do then your nearest exit is at the rear of the restaurant.

Mr Barwell also pointed out “There were five security guards standing in the middle of the complex along with the Eagles Meadow complex Manager all very unsure what to do, still allowing people up and down the stairs and virtually brush by the case.” He went on to question the response of the shopping centre staff and the emergency services.

Peter Cross, who was also at the shopping centre and took the above photograph, said “Which idiot padlocked a bag to the stairs on Eagles Meadow, feel a full evacuation coming.”

Police confirmed to Wrexham.com they were called out at lunchtime to a suspicious package at the shopping centre, however on investigating the package was not found to be suspicious.

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