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Police Called After Rossett Hall Hotel Tweet Goes Viral

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Mar 14th, 2014.

Police have been called to investigate after a tweet purporting to be from a local hotel ‘went viral’ last night along with a screenshot of what appears to be an internal staffing email. 

The @RossettHall Twitter account leaked an email that appears addressed to Paul Smith regarding staff cuts and how a wage bill could be reduced by 32% by ‘taking out people that are non productive’. The email is dated from November 25th of last year although only appeared online last night.

The Tweet said: “Who do you think that we should sack from this list of employees then guys? Email Martin or Paul #Wrexham #Chester”.

In total there are four people listed in the email. The four names have been blacked out but the reasons for reducing these members of staff have been left visible.

These include someone who was on a written warning, someone who needs ‘constant management’ and a part-time porter.

Other emails in the inbox are also visible, along with names and emails regarding ‘Employee Documentation’, with a spreadsheet also appearing to have been downloaded.

At the time of writing this report the Tweet (which is shown above) has had nearly 200 retweets and has been favourited 39 times.

Along with this all the account’s previous Tweets and images have also been deleted.

A spokesperson for Rossett Hall told Wrexham.com this afternoon that they have ‘lost control’ of their email accounts and that their twitter account had been accessed.

It is currently unknown who has has gained access to the account.

We did ask if the email was genuine however the spokesperson was unable to comment.

The spokesperson described the Tweet as a ‘major concern’, adding: “It is something we are investigating and it is in the hands of the police. The tweets are not from the hotel.

“We are very concerned that the email has gone out and apologise if it has caused harm or upset to anyone.”

The spokesperson for the Convivial Group, the owners of Rossett Hall, have said investigations are ongoing with the police and a request has also been made to Twitter to remove the account.

North Wales Police confirm they have been contacted regarding the matter and have ‘offered advice’.

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