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Planning Application For Hand Car Wash Facilities At ASDA

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 14th, 2013.

An application to provide a car valeting Ltd hand car wash service in the ASDA car park has been submitted.

The proposals consist of of using a segment of the ASDA car park to erect a canopy to allow a hand car wash service to function there. A metal cabin to hold the operational tools, paint and for storage use will also be erected.

During operating hours, the service would allow customers to park their cars within the valet area, and have their cars washed as they shopped.

The development site will be contained within the ASDA supermarket car park to provide hand car wash facilities to ASDA customers.

Design wise, an statement that accompanies the planning application states that a canopy would be formed using aluminium posts, with a canvas roofing sheet to create the overall valeting area. The storage cabin would be made from steel profiled sheet.

In the application’s Design and Access Statement, it clarifies that the proposals will have very little effect on the visual appearance of the store and the car park. Adding that car access will be minimally affected by the proposed car wash service.

(Update: A few people have said there is already a hand car wash there, however there is no mention of the application being retrospective in the documents. Which can be found here: Design and access statement, Application Form, Location Plan and Submitted plans and drawings)

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