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Plan To Tidy Up & Replace Trees By Library Car Park

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 29th, 2012.

There is a planning application in to “Remove Epicormic Growth To A Height Of 5 Metres Annually For Five Years From Fifteen Common Lime, Fell One Silver Maple And Fell One Lawson’s Cypress” on the library carpark.

This application refers to some trees with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them. A TPO is placed on a tree to preven deliberate damage and destruction – you can get more info on TPO’s via this PDF version of a government leaflet!

Some of the trees under the application.

Epicormic growth, or shoots, are basically new growth on trees. The application states that the new growth is encroaching on some parking spaces. Permission was given several years ago to prune the trees to ‘reduce risk’ however as regrowth has occurred a re-prune is needed.

The proposal summary on the Council’s site does not mention the detail of the application – that the removed trees will be replaced

The planning application PDF document (viewable here) appears to have a section on the ‘description’ of the location redacted – or possibly deleted prior to the application.

The form asks if there is any supporting additional information with a Yes/No option, without a tick in either. The box below again has more blacked out areas.

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