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Plaid fire back at “increasingly desperate attacks” from Conservatives after Full Council budget clash

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Feb 22nd, 2018.

Earlier today local Conservatives issued a statement attacking Plaid Cymru following last nights Full Council, in a move that has been branded ‘gutless’ this evening by the Plaid group.

Last night saw the Full Council vote on budget plans, with the Independent / Conservative alliance budget plan approved, and a Labour alternative – supported by Plaid Cymru – being rejected on a recorded vote. (You can read our meeting report here)

Earlier today the Conservatives issued an unprompted statement calling the local Plaid Cymru group ‘all talk and no budget’, and saying ‘publicity’ was gained without output of a budget of their own.

In a statement this evening on behalf of the Plaid Cymru group Cllr Marc Jones said: “It’s understandable that the Tories should try to deflect attention from their coalition budget’s attacks on the disabled, young and vulnerable by attacking the party that they know provides a challenge to them at every step.”

“The reason certain Tories dislike us so much is because we threaten their perks – we have made our views known on the need to cut the Executive Board, councillors’ allowances and paying for iPads. Perhaps that’s why we’re being singled out for attack now.

“Plaid Cymru had to fight tooth and nail to have these budget proposals scrutinised and discover the extent of the cuts. We voted against the budget because it was bad for Wrexham and our people.

“If the Tories are so proud of their cuts budget – a direct result of a UK Tory government that attacks public services but will turn a blind eye to billionaires and bankers offshoring their profits – why are they not concentrating on that?

“Instead of these increasingly desperate attacks on Plaid, let’s hear them defend the budget they voted for and let’s see them turn up for those PR opportunities with young musicians who have lost their funding, the disabled who will have to pay more to park than those councillors who voted for this budget and the schools that will have to make teachers or teaching assistants redundant.

The Conservative statement earlier was from Don Sturgeon, a name unknown to many prior to the publication of his comments, however Wrexham.com understands he has become local Conservative Chairman over the last few days.

Cllr Jones went on to say: “We’re used to the Tories hiding behind aliases when it comes to snide attacks on Plaid and it’s quite amusing to see Tory councillors hiding behind Don Sturgeon now. Please have the courage of your convictions in future.

“We know the Tories have no heart when it comes to protecting public services. Now we know they’ve got no guts either.”

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