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Brantano on Island Green hosted a fundraiser for The Venture on Caia Park on Saturday with kids TV character Peppa Pig turning up. Part of the fundraiser was to get children to get creative with chalk outside the shop – coating the pavement in washable art.

offensive chalk graffiti 474x500 Pavements Turn Blue By Brantano

The aim was for creative drawings, names and the like to be written. We are unsure if the event has since been hijacked or it was people involved in the day but some offensive images have started to surface.

island green graffiti 424x500 Pavements Turn Blue By Brantano

There are some witty observations as well thrown in , with this being created near the foot of the CCTV pole :

witty graffiti Pavements Turn Blue By Brantano

There is also a chalk-off street battle between the royalists and republicians of Wrexham, with a chalked “Long Live The Queen” message being surrounded with lots of LOLs (laugh out loud) and several arrows.

republic graffiti Pavements Turn Blue By Brantano

We do know the fundraiser made over £300 however the identity of Wrexhams very own ‘Banksy’ is unknown!