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Over 1000 Cannabis Plants Seized From Egerton Street Property

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Apr 4th, 2014.

Over 1000 cannabis plants have been seized from a property on Egerton Street.

A warrant was issued for a property on the street yesterday evening, where 1,002 mature cannabis plants were found in an unoccupied property at the rear of Egerton Street.

Initially it was believed that there were over 500 plants in the property, however a further room was uncovered during investigations.

One person was arrested and has appeared in court this morning.

Egerton Street

There have been rumours locally that the raid was at a fish and chip shop on Egerton Street, however Inspector Paul Wycherley has confirmed that “The concerned premises nothing to do with the fish bar.”

When we popped up to Egerton Street earlier this morning, the entrance to the road was cordoned off by a police car, along with a number of police cars and a vans parked down the side of the street.  Certain parts / alternative entrances to the street have also been cordoned off. We have been told that this is because officers are ‘clearing’ out the property.

Speaking about the seizure Inspector Wycherley told Wrexham.com that the raid is “Part of an ongoing initiative to reduce the supply of illegal drugs in the Wrexham area.”

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