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One Punch Can Ruin Two Lives

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Aug 23rd, 2014.

As part of North Wales Police’s ongoing work to reduce violent crime the Force is raising awareness of how a night out can lead to a fight and the loss of a life.

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, the ‘One Punch Can Ruin Two Lives’ initiative is part of the Summer Safety campaign and reminds people that in a split second a person can become a killer or be killed.

Chief Superintendent Neill Anderson, who is leading on the Summer Safety Campaign said: “With the bank holiday weekend now upon us we know that more people will be out and about enjoying themselves. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the pubs and clubs across the area, but would encourage people to consider how much alcohol they consume. What can start as a fun night drinking with friends can easily turn into a nightmare. Just one punch can ruin the lives of both the victim and the person who throws the punch.

“Over the next few weeks there are a number of planned events happening across the force area including further concerts and festivals. If you are planning to visit any of these events we want you to have a good time but please be sensible and think before you drink to excess. Don’t let a bad decision ruin a good day or night out.

“A criminal record can ruin your life and your career as well as damage relationships and even stop you from entering certain countries – it’s not worth the risk.

“North Wales Police are committed to tackling violent crime and we will continue our efforts to reduce the numbers of victims, but we need you to play your part by thinking about your actions and behaviour whilst on a night out.”

He added: “North Wales is a safe place, and we are working hard to keep it that way, in order to reduce violent crime even further.”

Posters are being distributed across licenced premises and the Force will also be using social media to highlight any key messages using the hash tag #summersafety.

Advice includes:
• Drink sensibly – know your limits. Don’t drink to excess and keep an eye out for friends or family members who may be more vulnerable or taking risks after a few too many drinks.
• Find out the times of the last train or bus home or pre-book a taxi or arrange a lift.
• Keep your cool – when you’re out, make sure you walk away from confrontation and if a situation is getting out of hand seek help straight away.
• You are more vulnerable when you’ve had a few too many because alcohol clouds your instincts and awareness of danger. Alcohol also reduces your inhibitions, making you more likely to do things that you wouldn’t when sober.

The Summer Safety campaign was launched a few weeks ago and will continue throughout August and September. The operation also focuses on domestic violence, anti-social behaviour and other forms of bullying and harassment which cause harm to our communities.

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