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North Wales Police ‘Web Chat’ Round-Up

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Feb 20th, 2014.

Yesterday Wrexham.com hosted a live Question & Answer session with North Wales Police.

Inspector Paul Wycherley and Detective Inspector Neil Harrison both answered questions that had been submitted by readers of Wrexham.com.

The Q&A session lasted just over 90 minutes and featured questions from members of our forums, Twitter and even a couple of questions submitted from Wrexham.com

Questions ranged from the potential increase in crime if Plas Madoc closed, car arsons, crime in the town centre the use of social media by members of North Wales Police.

Interestingly one of the most popular subjects of the day was the use of speed cameras, particularly the use of the camera on the Rossett flyover.

All questions that were submitted, either in advance or during the web chat itself were answered, including a few from Wrexham.com. Questions that could not be answered by Inspector Wycherley were passed onto the relevant officers.

We are also interested to know who you would like to see take part in a future live Q&A session. If you have any suggestions then you can email them to news@wrexham.com or post them on our forums.

So far the thread from yesterday has had 2,961 views. You can view the full question and answer thread from yesterday here.

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