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No new speed camera on A483 50mph zone – Facebookers share fake information again

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jun 25th, 2018.

Tens of thousands of people across the Wrexham area have been told there is a new fixed speed camera on the A483 Wrexham bypass, covering the newly implemented 50mph zone.

The administrators of a GoSafe branded Facebook page authoritatively posted: “New speed camera fitted on A483 Wrexham on bridge between b&q and gresford roundabout to catch speeders”, information that was shared and amplified thousands of times across the area.

The camera is however, not a speed camera.

The camera is one of a set that have been installed on several locations across the A483, and are labelled with text that states ‘the information collected by this equipment will not be used to enforce traffic laws’. One person familiar with the hardware described them as ‘redeployable traffic monitoring systems’ that work on a standalone basis and do not have the capability of providing information to prosecute for speeding.

Go Safe have told us this morning that they can “confirm we are not currently enforcing any of the new limits installed for environment reasons. The highways authorities are responsible for setting the speed limit and the public should drive within the limit at all times, not just where there is enforcement.”

Late last night we placed information online to debunk the news, however were told that was incorrect as Go Safe were the source, with the duff information also being shared by at least one councillor.

Go Safe noted: “Our logo is trademarked and should not be used without our permission. We’d ask anyone to remove the use of it if we discovered it in use without our permission.”

This morning we asked the page admin why they had not removed the initial post even though they knew it was factually inaccurate.

The anonymous page admin replied citing ‘work and sleep’ for the ‘oversight’ for not deleting the misleading post until we spoke with them, adding they had ‘no intention’ to draw confusion by using the Go Safe logo, adding: “There was no intention of false information. I just share information given.”

The oversight was beneficial as the page grew in followers by over 450% inside 12 hours due to the new found fame, with the sharing and growth ongoing as the initial post continued to be digitally passed around.

The post was removed shortly after we approached the page administrator for comment.

In January there was a similar style ‘fake news’ local information post that was shared widely, claiming Wrexham Council had placed spikes on park benches.

As we wrote back then: “Facebook is often hammered for being a hell hole, however it is a just a platform, those who make it good or bad are the people – such as yourself perhaps – who use it.

“If you do use Facebook be careful what you share, and be aware of how it works, so you understand why you are being shown things as decided by an algorithm by an american company.

“Like the current fake information about the benches in the park, some posts are shared far and wide without thinking, and it would be worthwhile to challenge or even check things out yourself.”

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