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New Stalls Arrive In The Butchers Market

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jan 29th, 2014.

Three new and specialist stalls have opened in the Butchers Market.

In the past month, a furniture stall, Arabian perfume stall and hand made gift boxes stall have all moved into the Butchers Market.

The first new stall, Pretty Box Pink, opened in the market just before Christmas and specialises in hand made gift boxes.

The bright pink stall is quite hard to miss in the market and certainly stands out for all the right reasons!


The gift boxes themselves are sold in flat-pack form and can be used to hold from anything from wedding favours, to birthday gifts. Decorations for the boxes are also sold in Pretty Box Pink.

Stall owner, Karon Raines told Wrexham.com: “I have always loved boxes and the stall provides a bit of a self service with the boxes and decorations.

“I spent hours thinking of the name, however I like the reverse of the pink and box. The idea behind using pink came from my granddaughter Lulu as it’s her favourite colour.”


Along with the gift boxes, Pretty Box Pink also sells ‘Wishing Trees’ for weddings, along with place cards and tags. The stall was also involved in the Wrexham Wedding Trail that took place across the town over the weekend.

Pretty Box Pink

Speaking about her experience so far in the Butchers Market, Karon said: “The response has been really good so far, and I’ve had quote a few customers. It’s really girly and brides and women love it. People in the market have said it really brightens the place up.”

Pretty Box Pink is open Monday – Friday (excluding Wednesdays) from 9:30am – 3:30pm.


Just a few stalls down is an Wrexham Arabian Scents stall, that is run by Mohammad Billal.

The stall itself opened on the 23rd of December and specialises in body perfumes for men and women, incense sticks, fragrances and other scents.


Wrexham Arabian Scents is one of two stalls run by Mohammad in Wrexham, who also jointly runs a similar stall with his brother in the General Market. While the stall in the Butchers Market sells mainly scents, the General Market stall sells everything from massage oils, perfumes and air fresheners.


Speaking about his experience so far in the Butchers Market, Mohammad said: “I like being here in the Butchers Market. I am enjoying it so far.

“People in the market like the products, and all the people who have bought something so far really appreciate it.”

The stall is the first of its kind in the town, and after trying out some of the scents, we can confirm they smell realy nice!


Just near the entrance from the High Street, is a new stall called Home Interiors, run by James Griffiths.

As the name suggests, the stall sells a combination of antique furniture, gifts, stained glass, rugs and homeware.


The stall opened at the start of the new year and is the second indoor market that James has worked in, having previously worked in Ellesmere Port.

“There’s been a lot of interest in the products so far. I’ve had a very good response and a lot of interest.”



James told Wrexham.com that so far some of the most popular items that he has sold include giftware, stained glass, painted furniture and rugs.

Speaking about his decision to open the stall in the Butchers Market, James said: “I thought this location lends itself to the items as I sell, as the market is a listed building.

“I love it here and I love the atmosphere. You can’t beat being hands on and talking to people.”

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