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New Digital Parking Signage Appears Around Town Centre

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2013.

Over the last week new car park signage has appeared around the town, to give live updates on car parking capacity.

The large black poles that support the signs have been in place for many months however the final addition of the signage is more recent. The appearance was highlighted on this forum thread, with Wrexham Council taking a battering although the funding was via Taith – a joint transport board of the six county authorities in North Wales.

Liam posted saying “I imagine the counters will read zero once the parking charge increases come into effect. An excellent investment.” , and user ‘Born Acorn’ saying “Wouldn’t it have made more sense to put them on the main roads into town rather than in the middle of it?”

A Wrexham.com reader had been in touch asking if Eagles Meadow had funded or contributed to the signage, as they are a private entity and are in effect commercially competing against Council owned carparks.

Wrexham Council told us the signs were ‘Taith funded and not funded by Eagles Meadow.’

Previously we have written that planning applications for Eagles Meadow have indicated it is owned by a company in Luxembourg on a very long (250 year) lease from Wrexham Council and is entirely separate from Wrexham Council. For those interested you can read about Eagles Meadow further in this article regarding business rates.

You can join in the debate regarding the signage on this thread on our Wrexham Forums!


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