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A number of shoppers were left frustrated this evening when they found their debit and credit cards were being declined in shops.

The problem has primarily affected NatWest users, who have has their debit and credit cards declined when they have attempted to use them. There have also been reports of issues with the banks website and smartphone app’s as well.

Problems were reported across Twitter at around 6pm, when NatWest users took to the social networking site to Tweet about the issues they were experiencing with their cards.

Benji W initially contacted us on Twitter just after 8pm to say that the petrol station at Sainsbury’s was unable to process any bank cards, however it now appears as though the problem is affecting NatWest users across the country.

Mark also got in touch to say he had experienced a similar problem at the Sainsbury’s in Rhyl, with Glyn Chaplin also contacting us to say there were some frustrated shoppers at Gresford Spar due to the issues.

It seems as though the technical issues have also affected RBS users as well, who have also reported issues when trying to use their cards.

Shortly before 8pm NatWest tweeted to say: “We’re aware of some technical issues and are working hard to fix them. Sorry and thanks for your patience.”