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Nationwide Look To Open On Eagles Meadow

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 21st, 2013.

Nationwide Building Society could be opening a new store on Eagles Meadow if a planning application is successful, with the possibility of the current High Street store closing still on the cards.

The planning application lodged with Wrexham Council states it is for a ‘sub-division of unit B1B and the change of use of the main part from Class A1 (shop) to A2 (financial and professional services).’

If successful the building society will be located between Marks and Spencers and Clinton Cards. The unit is currently used by Sports Direct, however the smaller part of the unit will be retained by the landlord for ‘ancillary’ Class A1 / retail purposes.

Wrexham.com asked Nationwide if they would maintain their current shop on the High Street as well as opening on Eagles Meadow. They told us “We are exploring our options within Wrexham to ensure we continue to best meet the needs of our local members.

“At this time there remain a number of stages to go through before any firm details can be issued. We are looking to further improve the experience our members have in their local branch and one option could be to move sites.”

Wrexham.com have been told that as Sports Direct signed to a shorter term lease it is likely they will leave the current Eagles Meadow location. However Eagles Meadow are keen to retain the Sports Direct store so it is likely they will relocate elsewhere inside the shopping centre complex.

(Above is the is the proposed site for the Nationwide Building Society in Eagles Meadow as pictured this afternoon!)

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