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Mystery Tweets Lead To Hidden Cash In Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, May 31st, 2014.

An anonymous Twitter user in Wrexham has been tweeting clues that lead Wrexhamites to hidden envelopes full of money in the town.

UPDATE SATURDAY MORNING: More money was found this morning, along with a scratch card! It is sounding likely more will be placed this afternoon, so like many Wrexham.com readers keep an eye on the twitter account. We have had a few people ask us if its us, or connected to us – it is not.

Quite a few people around Wrexham have heard about this story (21,000!) so its possible the competition for any future cash will be hot!

Original story below…

A person (or persons!) using the Twitter username @hiddencashwxm started the idea/ the account this week, with 144 people already following the account.

The Twitter bio states: “I will be tweeting riddles for places in Wrexham over the next few days. figure out the riddle and at the location you will be rewarded :)”

Hidden Cash Wrexham tweeted this morning to say that the first cash drop would be taking place today, adding the money drop will be starting from £5 and doubling on each drop. The below picture was tweeted on their account as the first money drop clue.

Wrexham’s first money envelope was found earlier this afternoon, with a £5 note hidden in the envelope.

We spoke to Hidden Cash Wrexham who told us: “I want people to research and open their minds to see the change of Wrexham. To have people not bypass the museum but to enter it and find the correct answers to the questions. Not to use Google but to go to the locations like the the library the museum.

“It’s something the Internet cannot answer and if it means providing a reward for someone providing the answers then I will do this for them. Knowledge is king.

“However there is a trick to the clues, the first clue was it would be dropped by the cinema and im sure a lot of people thought Odeon, but the old hippodrome is where the first drop was the clues will not always be black and white.”

The idea is similar to one that is taking the US by storm at the moment, where anonymous @HiddenCash has left messages leading people to money envelopes around San Fransisco. In the few days since the tweets began, the user has managed to gain over 325,000 followers.

Since then a number of similar accounts have been set up on Twitter, however @HiddenCashWrexham is what we believe is the only one of its kind in the Wrexham area.

Hidden Cash Wrexham said: “I’ve been an avid believer in pay it forward and there’s so much negativity in the news and papers, and I started to watch the hidden cash in the US and thought what a great way to cheer someone up and why does the US have to have all the fun why not Wrexham.

“I’m not a millionaire, far from it, but I’m comfortable in life, and seeing how much joy this was bringing to the US I thought I would give it a whirl. First of all I was going to do questions but that didn’t really take after 24 hours, but this has now flown.

“I want to see how people will react to just finding any amount of money and what that will be used for and hope they don’t just think YES pint in the pub. Please put it to good use.”

If you’d like to get involved and find some hidden cash, or if you would like to find out more about the idea then please follow @hiddencashwxm on Twitter.

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