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Mystery Over Town Centre’s ‘Odd’ Smell

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jul 4th, 2014.

Residents of Wrexham were left confused this morning after an ‘odd’ smell was found wafting over the town.

A number of people got in touch with us today asking why the town centre smelt of manure (or presumably something similar!)

Rondetto posted on our forums saying: “There is a terrible stench in town this morning. From about Queens square all the way past BHS towards WH Smiths. Lots of people covering their noses it was so bad.”

Martin also tweeted to ask: “Does anyone know why everywhere is smelling like a farmyard?”

The unusual smell seems largely to have surrounded the town centre (!) however people living on Chester Road and Hightown have also been in touch to say they could also smell something odd around their homes.

We have tried to find out the cause of the smell around town today, but have yet to trace the source. We spoke to Wrexham Council who said: “Someone in the office did smell an odd smell but we don’t know anything about where it came from!”

We also popped the question on Facebook to ask our readers if they were aware of where the smell was coming from. People got in touch to say they could smell something odd near KFC, Regent Street, Pandy and Rhosddu.

Some more amusing reasons have been suggested, including people blaming locals in the town centre, while Steven thought it was coming from his car. Linzi on the other hand posted on Facebook saying ‘Thank God for a blocked nose today’.

Our personal favourite suggestion came from Warren who said: “Well I had a big curry in Walnut Street last night, just woke up now. Sorry if I put some shoppers off, hope it’s not down to me all this.”

However the actual reason of Wrexham’s new and hopefully temporary aroma is currently unknown. If you have any ideas as to what the smell might be (serious or amusing suggestions are welcome) please get in touch!

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