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MP calls on Home Office to support work tackling antisocial behaviour in Wrexham Town Centre

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Nov 22nd, 2017.

Wrexham MP Ian Lucas has called on Home Office Ministers to support work being done to tackle antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

Mr Lucas has written to Victoria Atkins, who has just taken up the role of Under Secretary of State for Vulnerability, Safeguarding and Countering Extremism.

In his letter he sets out some of the work currently being undertaken in Wrexham, including the Gold Command group with himself, the council, the police, and others to tackle issues in the town, particularly relating to Novel Psychoactive Substances or so-called ‘legal highs.’

The letter continues onto state: “In Wrexham, particularly since the General Election, I have been working intensively with local council, police and health services to address an acute NPS challenge in the town and we have, collectively, developed an approach which we believe may be useful as a model for other areas of the country with similar issues.

“We are, however, encountering a severe strain on resources.

“We would all welcome the opportunity to present to you the approach we have taken, the preliminary results and discuss how we can both sustain the work and, potentially, use the project as a pilot for other communities.”

Some of the work being done in Wrexham has already received financial backing – with funds being allocated to help homeless people by the late Carl Sargeant as Communities Minister in the Welsh Government during the summer.

There has also been an additional two members of staff taken on to work on community safety issues in the town centre.

Mr Lucas said: “I know that people remain concerned about anti-social behaviour in Wrexham, but the combined approach which is now being taken is starting to have an impact. This is a complicated issue, and not one which will be solved overnight.

“One of the areas where I think we can move things forward is by sharing the work we are doing locally with other areas who are facing similar issues, and listening to the action people are taking in those areas.

“In Parliament, I have worked with several colleagues including Lucy Powell and David Hanson to set up a group looking at the issue of NPS. That group will be holding an inquiry in the New Year, and I’ll make sure Wrexham’s voice is heard.

“We also need Ministers to listen, and to provide proper financial support, and that’s why I’m making a plea to the Home Office to come and see what’s being done in Wrexham.”

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