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Motorists Need Better Information To Avoid A483 Delays, Warns MP

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Aug 25th, 2014.

Wrexham MP Ian Lucas has called for a meeting with the Highways Agency before major works on a crucial road for Wrexham commuters begin.

Preliminary work earlier in the month on the A483/ A55 interchange caused long delays for people approaching the junction, especially from Wrexham. A number of constituents have contacted Mr Lucas to raise concerns that little information was made available to drivers before the work began.

With work on the junction – intended to help improve the traffic flow – slated to begin soon, Mr Lucas has asked to meet Highways bosses to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

He said: “It is noticeable that when there are problems on the A483, whether these are accidents or scheduled works, that delays make themselves felt for a long way along the road. That’s why I am so keen to ensure that the Highways Agency are clear about what they are planning and what effect the work may have.

“I am aware that the work being undertaken is in England, but it is almost a textbook example of a cross-border project and it will clearly have an impact on my constituents travelling from and to Wrexham.

“I have called for improvements to the A55 and A483 interchange for some time, and will keep a close eye on the work once it is completed. I think any fair minded person would expect some delays as work is carried out, but what is crucial is ensuring motorists know what to expect and are given information with enough time to help them to plan.”

(Pictured above: Traffic on the a483 two weeks ago during the roadworks)

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