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Mix of old and new lights go up around town ready for Christmas

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 30th, 2017.

Wrexham’s Christmas lights will feature a mixture of ‘old and new’ this year – despite the expectation that a £75,000 investment would see an total upgrade across the town.

Those visiting the town over the past week will have noticed that the festive spirit had arrived in Wrexham, with lights being put up ahead of the official switch on in November.

Over the years there has been criticism over the lacklustre feel of the Christmas lights with some branded as ‘barbed wire’, something which was remedied slightly last year after thousands of pounds were invested into replacements for Queens Square, Rhosddu Road and Lambpit Street.

In July 2017 Wrexham.com reported that a further £75,000 investment into replacing the remainder of the town’s Christmas lights had been backed unanimously by the Executive Board.

However there has been confusion from some shoppers and traders after the old ‘barbed wire’ lights were seen being put up on several streets in the town, despite the £75,000 figure being publicised and promoted earlier this summer.

Last Tuesday Wrexham.com asked Wrexham Council why some of the old lights were being displayed around the town, with it since being confirmed there will be a ‘mixture of old and new’ for Christmas 2017.

Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Performance and Regeneration, said: “The purchase of the new lights and equipment was funded with £75k of capital funding, which we bought with a view to replacing the older stock of lights, some of which has already started failing.

“Some of the older lights which have already failed have had to be replaced with new lights, while the working older stock can continue to be used, and as such this year’s display will be a mix of existing and new lights – as is the case most years, as we replace the lights as part of a rolling programme.”

He added: “By next year, it is envisioned that most of the older stock will have come to the end of its shelf life, and will be replaced by the new stock of LED lights, which are more energy efficient and will last longer.

“We bought more lights than we needed to install this year as this was more cost effective than buying it in smaller packages and with the knowledge that some of the older kit is that is being used will then be past its shelf life at the end of this year – giving us a head start for next year”

We also asked about this installation costs however had no detail provided.

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