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Minera ‘Abduction’ Attempt Debunked

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Oct 5th, 2012.

Social networks and national papers have seen a story involving ‘left hand drive land rovers’ and children in Minera, we are able to debunk it today after speaking with police.

The Sun have run this story as fact – viewable here.

North Wales Police told us that they were aware of the story, but they “are not investigating any alleged ‘abduction’ attempt in Minera on Sunday”.

The post is usually as follows, but we have seen details and wording change:

One of my best friends children were out playing on Sunday at 4pm in Minera, North Wales approximately an hour away from Mach, when they were approached by a blue left hand drive landrover discovery with a man AND a woman and asked if they wanted a lift as it was raining. The children who are 11 and 7 said no and the woman then got of the car and opened the back door and told them to get in. They hurried away. North Wales police were useless and did not take this seriously but the Dyfed Powys Incident room were fabulous and my friend’s children are likely now to be interviewed. Didn’t April tell her friend that she recognised ‘them’? If there was a woman too then could this mean that she has April or knows where she is? I am PRAYING so hard that this is the case and that little April is returned home soon x

Usually the post has a request to retweet, pass on or copy and paste it before or after.

Currently there are tweets and facebook messages saying that police are investigating – which they are not.

We have previously written about social network based rumours that transform into online ‘fact’ for example when rioting hit the UK Wrexham was apparently affected – we debunked it in this story.

Back in January there were other abduction rumours around Wrexham which also turned out to be a false alarm – you can read about them here.

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