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Merry Christmas !

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Dec 25th, 2013.

Ho Ho Ho and all that…

After weeks of planning, and a few stressful ‘last-minute’ supermarket shopping trips, the big day has finally arrived.

We hope you all have a great day today – and we will keep this brief as its likely you shouldn’t be on the internet or online at all today but thanks for having a nosey on here!

However for those with a valid excuse for visiting the site, perhaps it’s for the first time on their new phones, tablets or laptops – you can join the Wrexham Forums to discuss or have a Christmas whinge (or positivity!) with fellow Wrexham.com’ers.

Or, if you have a shiny new internet thingymajig you can get yourself on Twitter and follow our @wrexham account, which we are quite confident to say is the most active and relevant for those in and around Wrexham!

Thank you all for your continued support & interaction and we hope you have a great Christmas!


The Wrexham.com Team

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