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Lord Sugar Calls Wrexham Lad ‘A P****’

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Dec 1st, 2012.

A Wrexham lad is making national news after telling Lord Sugar of ‘Apprentice’ fame that he was fired.

Ben Clark saw Alan Sugar at a trade fair and said “Alan, Alan… You’re fired!”.

Reacting to the catchphrase Alan Sugar turns around and says “You’re a prick” and walks off.

The story is currently labelled ‘Top Showbiz’ news and is currently frontpage and the first main headline.

The video is apparently ‘exclusive’ to The Sun and can be found on their website by clicking here – or rather than The Sun click here to view it on Lord Sugars youtube account.

Lord Sugar took to twitter to alleged that Ben Clark was probably paid , saying “Things people do for maybe getting £500 @TheSunNewspaper desperate for any rubbish look at this idiot at the bike show”

“Gutter Sun forget to ask idiot how did he happen to video this, was not after event . Was deliberate scam that back fired”

Referring to the Leveson Inquiry to press conduct amongst other things he added later “Leveson should have recommended that Gutter trash like Sun must disclose in articles how much they paid for a story”.

We wanted to embed the Father Ted episode where Richard ‘I dooont believe it’ Wilson had his catchphrase shouted at him, however Channel 4 have blocked all clips on Youtube. (We dont believe it!)

This is however an amusing video of Suralanlord Sugar ‘mashed up’ instead:

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