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Local MP Steps In To Sort Wrexham’s EE 3G Problems

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jul 23rd, 2014.

Issues with 3G mobile phone connectivity are nothing new to readers of Wrexham.com, but hopefully an intervention by local MP Ian Lucas will help.

The ongoing problems that are affecting different networks around town, but predominately with the network EE, have been raised time and time again on twitter, Facebook and our forums – a 150+ post thread is here.

Around the time Wrexham.com tweeted about people we have spoken to in town who have had their ability to do business affected, for example traders in the markets and those wishing to conduct normal business in 2014, Mr Lucas got in touch with EE.

A week later Mr Lucas said EE had told him that the local network was ‘back up and running’, which we published and quite a few people replied with some referring to it as a joke saying connection problems persist.

Since then Mr Lucas met with EE representatives in London this week to highlight the concerns and to press the company for action.

Following the meeting, Mr Lucas has said he has been told that repair work is underway on a central Wrexham mobile mast – but has asked people to contact him if they find problems persist.

He said: “When I met EE, I told them that people in Wrexham were paying them for a service and had every right to expect that service.

“They told me that there is a problem affecting a mast in central Wrexham which they are working to fix as soon as possible, and that repairs should be made within the next few days.

“I was pleased with the speed of response from EE once I raised the issue, and their willingness to meet with me; however, a large number of people have raised concerns with me about their mobile signal in Wrexham, and I believe these people should be getting the service they are paying for.

“If these issues have not resolved within the next few days, people should get back in touch with me – and I will put their concerns to EE.”

The 150+ post thread is here on our forums, and is well worth a read for those affected by the outages plus documents some creative excuses from EE.

(Pic: An EE donkey. This is not photoshopped.)

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