Llay Residents Try And Rebuild In The Aftermath Of Flash Flooding

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Aug 6th, 2012.

Residents of Llay have started re-building today after some of the worst flash flooding seen in the area for years.

Hours of torrential downpour yesterday afternoon left many of the main routes through Llay completely under water, with Rossett and Gresford also affected (full photo report here).

Houses were left with water and sewage damage in certain parts of the village leaving residents and council workers to clean up the damage.

Dozens of residents have had to be temporarily re-homed whilst Wrexham Council’s environment and housing department clear up affected areas and properties.

A carpet left out to dry at one of the properties affected by the flash floods.

Eighth Avenue, Nant y Gaer Rd, Sixth Ave and Shones Lane in Llay were all badly hit amongst other residential areas.

Recovery trucks were also in the village taking away cars affected by water damage for repairs.

Cllr Terry Boland who represents the Llay ward told us that he had been saddened by the terrible effects of the stormy weather, both physical and financial.

He said: “I’ve been out since first thing this morning and the effects vary from place to place. Some houses have been left with water damage, some with sewage damage and some with no damage at all.

“The sad part for me is seeing those with no insurance, how are they going to start again? It’s sad for people to watch whilst everything they’ve got is taken away.”

Some of the damage left in people’s houses following the flooding.

“As far as the council goes we’ve got to try and work out how did this happen. It might just be the case that it was a one off in terms of the weather, but we need to try to get the drains sorted to take more water and try and learn lessons from it.”

Cllr Boland voiced his praise for the local community who were out at 10pm helping one another as well as the council’s housing officers who have been working hard in Llay throughout the day and Welsh Water who have been checking the drainage.

Cllr Malcolm Taylor, who is also a member for Llay said: “The effect this has had on some local residents has been devastating. To see first hand the affect this has had on people’s homes is upsetting and we are doing all we can to help residents.”

Leader of Wrexham Council Neil Rogers visited the village this morning to visit residents affected, he said “The floods we saw here in Llay and other areas of Wrexham were quite distressing as they impacted on people’s homes. Some residents were visibly upset, their homes have been affected and it is our job to find them alternative accommodation whilst their property is repaired.”

Council Leader Neil Rogers visits Llay residents along with Cllr Terry Boland and Cllr Malcom Taylor

Below are pictures of Llay taken last night.

@2ndChanceMan sent us this picture of Nant-y-gaer Road

@2ndChanceMan sent another view of Llay being flooded.

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