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Brexit Party top Wrexham vote in EU Election

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, May 26th, 2019.

Last night we were at the count to see how Wrexham voted in the EU Elections – below are our updates…

We are live from the count in Wrexham’s Memorial Hall this evening. Updates will follow, along with hopefully a live video stream, so check back through the night.


(We have also uploaded a version to Youtube here)


One final update…
Have a bonus table showing the previous election v 2019!

Midnight – This wraps up our coverage from the EU Election 2019. Thanks to everyone who has followed our coverage – We leave you with two pies, one showing the Wrexham result split as a visualisation:

The second, with the rough overall turnout of registered voters who did not vote added in due to the small 34% turnout. Note that the turnout is based off registered voters and not everyone eligible is registered to vote.

11:24pm WALES RESULTS DECLARED. Two Brexit Party MEPs, One Plaid Cymru, One Labour MEP
Change UK 24,332
Conservatives 54,587
Green 52,660
Labour 127,833
Lib Dems 113,885
Plaid Cymru 163,928
Brexit Party 271,404
UKIP 27,566
Rejected votes 5,655

11:20pm If that is the situation that would mean Wales will return two Brexit Party MEP’s , one Plaid Cymru MEP and one Labour MEP. A big big IF as nothing official yet, but looking at declarations so far it is looking likely.

11:15pm For those trying to sniff out info off the two ‘official’ hashtags from Pembrokeshire Council will be disappointed – with only one used by a person. It does appear the Brexit Party will top the welsh polls, with Plaid Cymru / Labour / Lib Dems following.

11pm All eyes for the Wales-wide result which will mean people get seats. Wrexham’s result is being reflected elsewhere it seems in a big move to the new Brexit Party.

10:32pm We have some results for Flintshire coming through from our sister site Deeside.com..

10:26pm Cheers for everyone for tuning into our livestream tonight, 2702 viewers of the live feed and a few thousand more keeping an eye on this page too !

That’s our coverage from the count done for the evening. Votes coming through now across Wales, with the overall Wales result expected around midnight

10:07pm Breaking! The Brexit Party has topped the polls in Wrexham with 12,078 votes.

Labour finished second 4,988

Plaid Cymru finished third with 4,572 votes

Liberal Democrats finished fourth with 4,343 votes

Conservatives in fifth with 2,471 votes

Green Party in sixth with 1,810 votes

Change UK in seventh with 1,313 votes

UKIP in eighth with 1,052 votes

10pm Agents and sub agents being called over by the returning officer


9:56pm  Some agents and party staff have returned ready for the result!


9:44pm Wrexham result ‘just after 10’ and before 10:30pm says returning officer


9:42pm Pembrokeshire have said that counters can go. So count is officially DONE here in Wrexham. No result as of yet.


9:35pm 34% turnout in Wrexham, that’s nothing we hear you cry!

Wrexham’s turnout has increased on the 29% on the last EU Election back in 2014, however turnout for these elections are notoriously low.

Votes were verified on Friday, with a total of 34% of those registered to vote taking part in Thursday’s elections. This is an increase on five years ago when just 29,626 out of registered voters took to the polls.

For those wondering / asking – the 34% figure does include postal votes as well.


9:24pm It feels like a long lag before getting a confirmation from Pembrokeshire, we assume it has been sent digitally, but it is possible a messenger pigeon was used…


9:14pm There is some time between now and the results being announced, so just a recap on what people voted on a couple of days ago.

Every five years countries in the European Union have the chance to elect MEPs to sit in the European Parliament.

There are 73 MEPs elected across Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Four of which are elected by voters in Wales.

This year voters had the chance to elect candidates for the following parties:

Change UK
Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru
The Brexit Party


9:07pm A few asking about results and times, we are hoping a local result shortly after 10pm which then gets put in to the Wales ‘region’ figures. So for those dipping out, head back here at 10pm


9pm And we are three hours in! For those who love election TV, Sky News have just launched their coverage for the night with BBC starting at 10pm.

Back here in Wrexham counters are not being allowed out/home as the count is not technically over.

They are generously being allowed to grab a cuppa from next door. The water and donuts on the table were donated by us, sadly no other media to share with. We’re still tucking into some Strawberry Laces…!


8:53pm Bit of time left until we find out the actual results. Returning officer Ian Bancroft has just taken to the stage to say: “We have now sent off results to the regional returning officer and are awaiting their response. We have to wait until 10pm for any official announcement.”

As mentioned earlier the regional returning officer is based in Pembrokeshire where the Wales wide results will eventually be announced.


8:45pm Top table running the numbers into the mainframe – hopefully it is not one of the old 90s PCs we recently reported on that needed an upgrade 👀


8:40pm Hoping for an update soon from stage as all counting has FINISHED. No PA system here so hope its bellowed out nice and loud so you can hear it on the video feed!


8:23pm Top table has the head of electoral services for the council, the councils legal office and various senior support staff there too. The council’s Chief Exec is also the returning officer, Ian Bancroft


8:27pm It seems all counting bits are done, and the counters are going to have a lock in here crystal maze style. That is incase there has to be a recount or something similar. So everyone in the hall is here until 10ish…


8:21pm A number of party members and agents are leaving, some looking happier than others. Seems they are satisfied that the count is all but done here and are happy with how it was conducted


8:15pm Returning Officer Ian Bancroft just addressed the room, five tables still counting, and gave a quick overview of process for end of count – basically what you know already in terms of count due to end here but no straight result as normal as waiting for polls to close across the EU


8:12pm Just panned the cam to the front of the hall where the activity is increasing, numbers being tallied and entered. Only a couple of tables still counting, could be on for a half past finish to the counting


8:05pm Odd non-buzz here, rather than the usual council / MP or AM election things just feel different. A smaller quieter (still efficient) count is / has taken place


8pm Counting is ongoing but things do appear to be slowing down, less bundles being given out, heard one mention of a 8:15-30 predicted count end, and if so could be on course for that


7:46pm Seems counting is coming to an end, as you can see from our live feed some of the tables have finished.


7:40pm Much like Flintshire we are the only ones here ‘media’ wise, although not unusual. For the Referendum three years ago one local outlet didn’t bother sending anyone to that either, luckily it turned out to be a minor thing and in no way dominated the years since….


7:28pm We are doing our video feed via Periscope tonight rather than our usual Youtube high def version. There is no wifi or cabled internet here and the 4G coverage is not great, so this is the best we can do.

We had our gear ready (thanks Marcin & Leighton!) but not needed, and even bought a few Voxi sims with loads of data ready to gobble up


7:17pm Press area buzzing up in Flintshire… just our sister site Deeside.com it would seem…

7:08pm The people walking around the sides are party reps / agents who are making their own tallies of votes and can relate them to wards. They are also keeping an eye on the whole vote process, so every party is happy with how it is being conducted


7pm A low key election by Wrexham Council, by that we mean no stage and no hiring of Glyndwr Uni for the count. Does not affect the accuracy or technical expertise of the staff here, with many familiar faces here from previous counts, some who have left WCBC and come back for one night only

6:50pm We’re here for the long-run tonight, so naturally we raided the Co-op for some er, nutritional snacks.


6:37pm Local votes are being counted here in Wrexham this evening. However The Electoral Region of Wales is Pembrokeshire Council, so later on tonight when all Welsh votes have been counted Regional Returning Officer, Ian Westley, from Pembrokeshire, will announce the final results for Wales.

Results expected to be declared around midnight.


6:07pm Our live stream is now up and running (link above) – the count is about to start and counters have just been told what a valid vote is.

It is also Wrexham’s new Chief Executive Ian Bancroft’s first time as a Returning Officer!


5:57pm Our guess is the count will be quite prompt here, and then a long wait until 10pm. It is likely at that point we will get the local figures, which are then sent off for compiling with Wales-wide figures to give the ‘region’ result. Will have to see how that plays out!


5:49pm Welcome to the live blog for the EU election count!

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