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Large ‘Python’ Found In Erddig – Pictures

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Jan 11th, 2014.

A large python has been found in Erddig by walkers today, with the large constrictor being found dead on a pathway through the park.

(Story update below) We have been sent various pictures and accounts of the snake being found, which leads us to believe this is not a hoax and infact a python has been found.

One person said “My daughter found [a python] today out hacking on green lane by Erddig”

Adding “It is dead sadly, though may have been alive in the time I went to check after feeding horses as it had moved”

Pythons are nonvenomous and constrict things to death, rather than poison via bites. A local resident who knows a little about snakes told us he thought it was a ‘Python Regius’ after looking at the pictures, adding that these types were quite common as pets.


Chris Wright tweeted the above picture, giving further scale of the animal. Below is a picture posted by Mr Challis’s with what was found while dog walking today, the image has now ‘gone viral’ locally.


We are told that if this is not some elaborate prank it is likely this is a former pet that has escaped at some point, and although is unusual in the wild they are in fact quite docile.

No one from Erddig was available for comment at the time of writing.

UPDATE: Chris Wright has just been in touch via twitter confirming it was a real snake, and was sadly dead, and is appealing to find its possible owner. Likewise adding it is a Boa, rather than a Python:


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