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King Street Regeneration Complete (Almost!)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Nov 21st, 2013.

The £1.5million regeneration of King Street is almost complete.

The developments of King Street have been ongoing for the past few months, however when we popped down yesterday to take a photos, it appeared most of the work had been completed, with only a few cones and signs remaining on the street.

The developments have seen new blocks of ‘varying shades of grey’ replace the old pavement, along with new lamp posts, plant pots and a number of benches. A new taxi stop has also been added for people to use while waiting to use the taxi service.

King St 1

Interestingly the new paving now shows a definite marker of where King Street ends and normal ‘tarmac’ begins! There were complaints from people that the new paving is uneven, but will leave you decide for yourselves!

King Street 8

Work on King Street began in July, with the regeneration itself costing £1.5million. Over the past few months the money has led to the street being refurbished and ‘modernised’. Work was due to finish by mid November to avoid disruptions to the Christmas rush, and appears as though the work will be complete.

There has been a bit of confusion about where the funding for the work has come from, with some believing that it has been Council funded. However the regeneration came as a result of a successful application to the Welsh European Funding Office, who granted the £1.5million for developments.

An additional £300,000 was granted from the Business Enhancement Scheme (BES) grant funding, which is used for businesses to improve their properties. It is also used to help provide employment opportunities.

Underneath are some of the photos we took yesterday of how King Street looks now work is almost complete. There is an ongoing discussion on our forums about the King Street regeneration. To take part in the debate and have your say then please click here


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