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North Wales Police are appealing for information after a handbag was been stolen from a car parked in New Road overnight.

The incident took place at 9:30pm last night. Sergeant Paul Wycherley tweeted this morning about the incident and reminded people to take their valuables with them, rather than leave them on site in your vehicle.

Anyone with information on this particular incident is advised to call 101 referencing P205439.

This time of year often sees an increase in burglaries or attempted break-ins as thieves seek to steal Christmas presents, especially high value goods such as IPads, smart phones and TV’s.

North Wales Police are urging residents not to put presents on display and to make an extra effort to secure their properties to make it difficult for burglars.

During the lead up to the Christmas period, incidents involving burglary and vehicle break ins increase due to people leaving bags on display, or storing presents in the boot of their car.

Speaking about items and presents being stolen from cars, Inspector Mark Williams said: “The easiest way not to have your things taken, is don’t leave stuff on display.

“People often leave bags out and go back shopping, so be mindful. Criminals are lazy people and will go for the easy option.

“We will do what we can from a proactive point of view.”

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in the number of vehicle related break ins, with 25 vehicles being broken into in the county in the build up to week 42. There have also been four thefts from motor vehicles in the Maesgwyn area, including the theft of a handbag.

Inspector Williams said: “We are trying to avoid the peak this year, it drops off again after Christmas. We try to predict demand. Theft will increase after the Christmas period, but we are trying to prevent it.”

Sgt Wycherley said: “Take stuff with you, there are a lot of opportunistic thieves out there.”

North Wales Police have issued the following advice to help keep your belongings and property safe over the Christmas period:

· Don’t leave presents on display.

· Sheds are an easy target for thieves; they often contain hundreds of pounds worth of property such as bikes, power tools, garden tools, garden furniture and lawnmowers. If you are storing Christmas presents in sheds or outbuildings, please ensure they are kept out of sight and that the doors and windows are locked. For more advice, visit our shed-ucation page

· Don’t leave keys within reach of a window or door.

· Lock up properly and set your alarm, if you have one, when you leave your home – even if you just pop out for a few minutes.

· Where possible lock valuables up in a safe or put smaller items, such as jewellery and important documents in a bank deposit box.”