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July Police Data Released For Wrexham – Anti Social Behaviour Tops Chart

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Sep 3rd, 2012.

The Police.uk crime map and ‘outcomes’ information for July 2012 has gone live for Wrexham over the weekend. It reports 591 crimes within a one mile radius of Wrexham (radius as pictured).

The highest number of recorded crimes were for anti social behaviours, with 227 recorded. This time last year this figure was at 289 crimes.

The statistics also give ‘outcomes’, with 249 still ‘under investigation’ , 121 ‘no further action at this time’.

In 59 cases a suspect was charged, 48 times an offender was cautioned, 7 penalty notices are recorded and ten are noted as ‘local resolution’. Twelve outcomes were noted as ‘offender sent to prison’.

Although the data is anonymised the general geographic location is viewable on a clickable map.

For the twelve ‘offender sent to prison’ outcomes, they related to crimes:

  • on the top end of Crispin Lane
  • Bradley Road
  • Regent Street (marker is bang on Primark!)
  • Wrexham Central / Island Green area
  •  Two in Brook Street
  • Salop Road area
  • Pen Y Bryn
  • Holt Road
  • Whitegate Road
  • Derby Road
  • Bodhyfryd

One of the anti social behavior hotspots is still around Brook Street, with ten crimes recorded. These are broken down to five violent crime, two public disorder and weapons, six of ‘other theft’ and one drugs related. Compared to this time last year the ten crimes recorded last month is far lower than the July 2011 figure of 16.

This months figures show ten ‘anti social behaviour’ crimes recorded around the Wrexham Library carpark area, fourteen down Crecent Road behind Tesco , ten around Queensway.

Island Green and Regent Street are the two areas with the highest shoplifting figures.

It is possible to move the crime map ( found here ) and if you click the ‘marker’ icon below the zoom / control bars on the map its possible to center it for your particular area.

We have created this thread in our forums for you to post up what you can find relating to your street or area – or what you find good, bad or just interesting about the data – take part here: click here for the forum thread.



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