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Infamous Tesco roundabout to be resurfaced as part of new programme of roadworks

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, May 15th, 2019.

The notorious potholes on the Tesco Roundabout are to be “resurfaced completely” as part of a new programme of roadworks.

Lead Member for Environment and Transport, Cllr David A Bithell confirmed at yesterday’s executive board that resurfacing works will take place on the now locally infamous patch of road.

The announcement was made after questions from Cllr Marc Jones who queried if it was possible to use some of the council’s underspend to invest in local road infrastructure and fixing potholes.

A report presented to the executive board yesterday morning highlighted that there was a net overspend of £490k in the past financial year (details here). Of this it is proposed that £105,000 is allocated to the winter maintenance reserve and £104,000 to the capital reserve.

Cllr Jones said: “There is nothing on what the remainder will be for. I would propose that given the state of the roads, we should look at putting money if there is an underspend into potholes and pothole repairs.

“It would reduce compensations costs. I am getting residents contacting me asking about making a claim. I know it a drop in the ocean but every drop in the ocean is welcome.”

Cllr Bithell responded by explaining that the council’s resurfacing programme of works is set to go live in the next week or so and specifically noted that it will include sorting out everyone’s favourite caverns – the potholes on the town centre Tesco roundabout.

He said: “The Welsh Government has given us £1.4 million over the next two years for potholes so we have been in dialogue. Think it is £750,000 this year and £750,000 the year after.

“Just so everyone and the public are aware our resurfacing programme is about to go live. It has been developed over the last couple of months. Some of the works have already commenced because it’s surface treatments because of the weather.

“There will be approximately £2.4 million of work, some of which is Welsh Government money and some our own capital money which we have identified over the last couple of years.

“We have got an extensive programme, that will be commencing in the next few weeks. We’ve always been quite successful in getting money from Welsh Government.

“Hopefully some of the potholes that have been highlighted in the media will be addressed. I know there has been specific ones about Tesco Roundabout, that is down to be resurfaced completely and that will be done at night.”

Last week Wrexham.com reported that an estimated £28 million is needed to bring Wrexham’s highways up to scratch. Overall £2.3 million is needed each year just to keep the status quo and maintain a steady state in the condition of the existing network.

Leader of Wrexham Council Mark Pritchard, said: “With regards to potholes what I will say any elected member in chamber, if they want the roads to become better in Wrexham I suggest you canvas your AMs and MPs to have more funding from both governments.

“We work tirelessly for any money that we can attract or bring to Wrexham we do, and usually if we have any money leftover we tend to invest in the roads.

“I understand how important it is, but the bluntness of it is we haven’t the money to invest in or repair our roads.

“What I would say is every elected member who is part of a party can make representations to their AMs because this budget was supported in the Sennedd sometime ago which some national parties supported it.”

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