News Rhos crash

A number of people have contacted us regarding an incident involving a two vehicles in Rhostyllen, closing the main road.

The incident, which took place at the west end of Wrexham Road towards the bypass, happened just after 10pm. A car and a taxi were involved in what local residents have described as a head on collision.

Cutting equipment was used on one car, and eyewitnesses have said the passengers and driver of the taxi were ‘walking and are ok’.

Police, the ambulance service and fire brigade attended the scene, however as of 11:30pm the was still closed off with the vehicles awaiting recover as the rescue operation has ended.

There is no information at this time on the driver of the silver car, nor which company the taxi belongs to.

The crash occured outside the ‘new build’ houses in Rhostyllen on the main road, and local residents have been in touch praising the speed of response and work of the emergency services.

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At 1am recovery services arrived to work on removing the damaged cars and reopen the road overnight.