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Heston Blumenthal Coming To Minera (Updated)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Oct 25th, 2012.

Chef Heston Blumenthal will be in Minera Park, Minera tomorrow from 1.00 pm as he attempts to bring the British pub experience back to the fore. Everyone is invited to join Heston as part of a forthcoming Channel 4 series to help rekindle our passion for some of Britain’s favourite and traditional eating experiences, which have been lost or are disappearing. Heston will be putting his own special twist on foods and supersizing them so that they can be shared by the public.

In this particular episode, Heston will be looking at the traditional community pub – too many of Britain’s local pubs are closing at an alarming rate. Heston plans to restore pub life for one special day only, making his own twist on traditional pub grub on a larger than life scale. He’s chosen to do this in a village which like many others around the UK has recently lost one of their much loved local watering holes.

His ambition for this episode, and for the whole series, is to encourage people to take time out of their busy lives, come together as community, and rekindle their fond food memories

Please arrive at the park from 1pm, and dress for the weather. If you wish to attend please email us the number attending at hestonsbigidea@betty.co.uk

Parking is extremely limited so please do avoid driving if possible.

There is a local bus service that runs between Wrexham and Minera. Please visit www.wrexham.gov.uk for more details or telephone the Wrexham Bus Line on 01978 266166.

Please bring a valid form of identification with you as we will be serving alcohol. Anyone without valid photo ID will not be permitted to drink any alcohol

UPDATE 25th: (article originally published 15th Oct)

The production company have been in touch to say :

“We have had an overwhelming response to our press release, and are thrilled that so many of you are coming to support the event, however please be aware we are expecting very large crowds.

While we want everybody to be reminded of the magic of the pub experience and to be able to enjoy the day, we must remind everyone that this is primarily an outdoor event. It is also a filming day, and carries with it waiting times that filming for television often involves.  It could potentially be very cold and people will be primarily standing outside, so wellies and brollies are recommended! The event will run from 1pm until 4pm.

Whilst we would like everybody to be a part of this pub experience, and we hope to be able to give people refreshments we cannot guarantee this.  We ask for your patience and that bring anything with you that may make your afternoon more comfortable and enjoyable during the waiting periods, especially given that we expect a very large crowd. Over 18s are reminded to bring your photo ID with you.

We apologise in advance to everyone who doesn’t get a chance to go inside the structure.”

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