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Heavy Rain Causes Flooding Around Town

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Dec 20th, 2012.

Throughout the morning and afternoon rain has consistently fallen on already sodden ground.

There are instances of roads flooding being reported via our @wrexham twitter (below updated as and when we recieve
new info via tweet) plus (as of 5pm onwards) there are decent sized puddles on roads in town, with more serious ones outlined below, with some standing water on the bypass.

5:40pm: Report that the single line between Wrexham and Chester is flooded so trains to Wrexham have been halted.

5:46pm: A little bit of humour has been injected by Rupert Leslie who has heard someone chirping like a dolphin in town today – Rupert says “I didnt realise it was that wet today!”

5:49pm: GHA Coaches saying that the level crossing has been ‘jammed down’ in Balderton – thats where Lache Lane crosses over the railway just south of Chester around by the ‘posthouse’ roundabout for the A483/A55. Traffic, trains and obviously buses are affected that use those routes.

5:58pm: Emma Roberts just told us “Road flooded just after the rollers in southsea”

6:02pm: The Environment Agency say “River levels at Farndon are rising and are expected to do so for the next 18 hours. River levels at Manley Hall are rising and are expected to do so for the next 6 hours. In addition to the area detailed, some localised flooding problems may result from surface water.”

6:30pm Bad traffic on Ruthin Road and by the B&Q roundabout, however that does not appear to be weather related just volume of traffic as it comes close to Christmas.

6:37pm Sadly two car crashes to report – one on the new dual carriageway heading out of the industrial estate, and secondly on the A55 westbound from posthouse to Broughton.

6:42pm National Rail Enquiries catches up with Wrexham.com and says “Flooding is causing disruption between Chester and Wrexham General. Because of this, trains between these stations may be delayed by up to 25 minutes. These delays will continue until further notice.”

6:45pm The delays on the A55 is causing tailbacks that is affecting the top end of the A483 towards Chester.

7:12pm Traffic easing on the A55 now. Road conditions still described to us as ‘quite bad due to spray’ and ‘still patches of water out there’.

7:15pm The weather radar indicates the worst of the rain will now pass by 8pm onwards, with lighter spots of rain carrying on until around midnight.

7:45pm We have just come back from a trip around Wrexham , and aside from crazy drivers the roads seem fine now. The worst of the rain has passed, and now is just a light drizzle. The bypass still has thick spray and people ought to be careful as some people are now doing ‘normal’ speeds whereas others are being very cautious. Rivers around Wrexham appear normal levels. We are told the top end of the A483 where it joins the A55 is now totally clear – with our favourite aquaplaning spot apparently still troublesome.

Darland Lane in Rossett is still flooded and traffic shouldnt attempt to use it.
This closes off our live coverage of this afternoon and evenings problems however email or tweet us if you see further issues!

The current bad weather is slowly moving west to east, and is likely to hang over head well into the evening.



It was good to see the following exchange taking place as well:

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