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Glowing praise for Wrexham primary school’s “excellent” standards of care and wellbeing

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Dec 1st, 2017.

Staff and pupils at a local primary school have had plenty to smile about after receiving glowing feedback for their excellent standards of care and wellbeing.

Rhosymedre Community Primary School, located on Parc Road in Rhosymedre, received the positive report following an inspection carried out earlier this year by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, Estyn.

Described by the inspector as being an “exceptionally caring and nurturing community that ensures pupils feel safe, secure and happy”, the report’s main findings go through the extremely high standards at the school with all headings being either “excellent” or “good.”

Particular highlights noted in the report are the school’s care, support and guidance and wellbeing and attitudes to learning, which Estyn have described as being at an ‘excellent’ standard.

Commenting on the wellbeing and attitudes to learning in the school, the inspector notes in their report that “the strength of working relationships between pupils and staff is an outstanding
feature of the school’s work.”

It continues onto add: “Pupils have exceptionally high levels of trust in the staff and believe strongly that they will also do their best for them.”

“As a result of the exemplary support pupils receive for their social, emotional and learning needs, nearly all pupils engage purposefully in their learning and
concentrate well in line with their stage of development.

“Most pupils have positive attitudes towards learning and do not give up even when they find activities difficult. Pupils are motivated to learn and are very keen to improve their skills and talents.

In relation to the “excellent” care, support and guidance at the school, the inspector states there is an “exceptionally caring and nurturing community that ensures pupils feel safe, secure and happy. Staff know their pupils very well. As a result, from the moment pupils enter the school, they receive exemplary support for their social, emotional and learning needs.”

Teaching and learning experiences at the school are ranked by the inspector as “good”, with the overall quality of teaching found to be at the same level. Teachers ask a wide range of questions that require pupils to think for themselves.

Finally the inspectors spoke of the leadership and management of the school which is viewed as “good”. “Senior leaders were found to lead by example and model the behaviours they expect from staff exceptionally well.

Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, headteacher, said the whole school is “thoroughly delighted and immensely proud of the findings by Estyn.”

Mrs Edwards added: “This is due to the dedication and hard work of my amazing team. The report is a real tribute and celebration of the caring, supportive and respectful relationships we have with our pupils, families and community.

“We acknowledge the recommendations identified and we are confident that we can make the improvements required.”

Cllr Ken Bather, Chair of Governors, “Rhosymedre is a fantastic school, with committed staff and governors. I am so very proud of all the staff, pupils and their families.”

Such comments were echoed by, Cllr Phil Wynn, Lead Member for Education, who said: “It is clear from the report that this is an exceptional school with committed and supportive staff and governors who want the very best for the children who are learning in an environment in which they are thriving.

“I congratulate them on this report and everyone should be very proud of themselves.”

As the school looks to the future they will be concentrating on improving pupils’ ability to extend their writing, improve pupils’ standards in Welsh and their knowledge of Welsh culture and heritage. They will also provide regular opportunities for staff to share the best practices in learning and teaching in other schools.

Estyn will invite the school to prepare two case studies on its work in relation to how it develops pupils’ early speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and also on how the school has become a nurturing community that improves pupils’ attitudes to school and behaviour for Estyn’s own website.

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