News remploy site planning

Plans to demolish the former Remploy factory and build 49 houses on the site were backed unanimously by a Planning Committee last night.

The committee voted unanimously in favour of demolishing the disused factory on Stansty Road. The factory itself closed in 2012 and has remained vacant ever since.

The new dwellings will consist of a combination of one, two and three bedroom houses. Adequate parking for the buildings will also be provided.

We first reported on plans to demolish the factory back in July of this year when the proposals were first unveiled. Along with the erection of 49 houses, a playground and a new footpath will also be added to the site.

Contact Officer David Williams said:  “I think the general impact is one of improvement. I think it will significantly enhance that part of town.”

However one of the main concerns raised in the report was the level of traffic problems that already exist on Stansty Road and Crispin Lane. Noise levels that could be caused by traffic and also the train were also discussed.

Comments in the report also raise the traffic problems in the area, mentioning how the close proximity to the university and football club can cause traffic issues at certain periods. It is also stated that the “amount of traffic using Stansty Road far outweighs its original design capacity.”

Speaking about the issues Mr Williams said: “There are concerns about traffic, however the Transport Statement shows there would be a decrease in traffic.”

Within the report it states: “The application is accompanied by a Transport Statement that demonstrates that the proposed development use will not only result in a reduction in total daily vehicle movements compared to existing use, but also a reduction in both morning and evening peak time movements. Accordingly it will not place undue pressure on the existing highway network.”

Mr Williams also stated that noise and vibration checks had taken place due to the site being located to the nearby railway; saying that the houses will be fit with double glazing and acoustic fencing along the boundary with the railway line.

Of the 49 dwellings that will be erected on the site, 12 fall into the ‘affordable’ housing category. Of these 12 dwellings, six houses will consist of one bedrooms, four will consist of two bedrooms and two houses will have three bedrooms.

In the report, a comment from ‘Education Housing’ states: “The current waiting list in Rhosddu shows a very high demand for one and two bedroom properties.”

It adds: “The affordable homes will be sold to people who have a local connection to the area of Rhosddu and Stansty, and who are registered on the affordable housing register. ”

Speaking about the decision to have 12 affordable houses on the site, Cllr I. David Bithell said: “I am pleased we have 12 affordable houses here. It’s great for the area.”

Mr Williams said: “In terms of the affordable housing element, this meets the requirement. I think this is a first in Wrexham to have this much on one site.”

In the report it states: “The development represents an acceptable form of development that will result in the beneficial re-use of previously developed land, will significantly improve the appearance of the site, and will make a valuable contribution towards increasing housing land supply and the delivery of affordable housing.”

A full PDF of the report can be found on the Council website here