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FOI Reveals Wrexham Car Arson Statistics

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Aug 10th, 2012.

A Wrexham.com Freedom of Information request has revealed that 32 car arson attacks have taken place in the town so far this year.

Since June especially there have been a large number of cars deliberately set alight across the county including Glyn Ceiriog, Marchwiel, four overnight arson attacks across the town in June, Churchill Drive and Queensway.

The figures are just over half the total amount of cars deliberately set on fire recorded in 2011 which reached 61.

One area which has seen a noticeable drop in such crimes is Ponciau where there were a shocking 25 cars targeted by arsonists last year; this is now down to just two for 2012 to date.

The most targetted area so far this year is the Wynnstay ward with six cars set alight.

Below is a breakdown of the statistics that we’ve obtained. The first list is the number of cars which have suffered arson attacks and the second the number of occurrences of car arson, which is lower as in some cases more than one car has been set alight during an incident.

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